20″ Lion Medicine Drum – Comes With Beater



This is a 20″(50cm) Lion Medicine Drum made from the buffalo hide. Comes with beater and deep earthly sound. A beautiful Instrument.

Giving Thanks for All the Love

Having Thanks for All the Love 🙏🏽❤️🌹

The I Am presence

The Love that is in Silence filling our hearts with Joy, and hope. The Love that we are ready to share, to give, All the Love we are ready to receive. Love is infinite. There is no end, no beginning of this Sacred Flow of energy, that us connecting Us to the Source that is One with All.

May we All are ready to life our Life within that Sacred Infinite Dance🐝

Birthed & painted by Magdalena Nel Bliss /Nayamoon Art

Additional information

Dimensions 51 × 51 cm