20″ Mother Void Medicine Drum – Comes With Beater


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Mother Void-20″Medicine Drum

A way back home…
One of my greatest teachers..

When I followed her, she has showed me places I have never visited before, taking me deep into the core of the infinite.. where surrendering was the greatest balm to my soul…the spaces of silence & stillness, places fd death…ready to be witnessed, embraced and honoured,..spaces of deep gratitude where every breath was the greatest gift..

She is the dancer. She is the one who guides as into the deepest places in our hearts. Showing us our greatest fears ..so we can learn to love them…I
I am humbled by her power, her beauty,…

Thus 20″drum is made from the Asian Buffalo hide and white mulberry wooden hoop. Comes with a drum stick beater.

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Dimensions 51 × 51 cm