‘Crystalize – Galactic Ambassador Of Parallel Dimensions’ Wall-Hanging


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It’s a Wall-Hanging (print on canvas)with the bamboo sticks at the bottom and at the top.

Crystalize is 48 cm wide and 68 cm high

Crystalize’s message.

Crystals are very powerful. If you can use them in the right way – you may unleash powerful energy dormant inside of them. It may be used to strengthen the body or prolong life, to work with energy points or illnesses, or – from a wider perspective – to purify and transform Energy on Earth.

Crystals may help us to connect the source of the Earth Energy with the Energy of the Sun, Moon and other Stars and Planets. If we learn to use it in the right way, it may bring forth widespread purification of the soul, body and emotions, wake up our force through powerful transformation and accelerate changes on our Planet.

The time we have chosen to live is a critical turning point. We have to make decisions which will determine the shape of life on Earth.

We must acknowledge that all life is sacred, the Earth is our Home and we are the Guardians of the Earth and everything is interconnected. If you feel that you want to be the pArt of this transformation, you need suport and protection – invite Crystalize into your life – she will come with the speed of a crystal ……….

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Dimensions 48 × 68 cm