‘Holy Man’ Original Acrylic Painting By Nel Kuc



This painting came to me again with so many insights.

I have met during the process if channelling it, the Divine, Sacred Masculine energy which was guiding me through the Himalayas where I have tuned into the Sadhu Sacred Path guiding them to Nirvana.

I have experience the Beauty of the White Brotherhood, their Wisdom on a path of following Jeshua’s🙏🏽teachings.

It’s hard to put into words this whole experience but I do believe some of you will feel the vibration if it through looking at this painting.

I am feeling deeply grateful for this journey I have shared with thus being and for all if the teachings I have received till now coming from the Divine Masculine, holding safe, Sacred Space for the Divine Feminine to blossom, together in the Sacred Union🙏🏽

This Original painting us painted on canvas. It’s 40cm wide/50cm high.

It’s an acrylic painting, created in Meditation in a presence of the Holy Spirit, Jeshua and those ones who are following this Sacred Path.
With Love 🙏🏽

Additional information

Dimensions 40 × 50 cm