‘Hybryd Galactic Ambassador’ Wall-Hanging


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Hybryd is a print on canvas and is one of the ‘Galactic Ambassadors of parallel dimensions’.

It is a limited edition copy of my original Art work.

Hybryd is 48 cm wide and 68 cm high. She came to me with a message so I would like to share it with you:)

The net of the Earth is built of triangles, squares, cubes etc All of these geometric forms are very powerful, they produce so called energy of shapes. They create fields of Crystals, colours and light. Hybrid reminds us that our bodies are able to change.

We are shapes shifters. We must abandon the illusion that our bodies are just material beings with all its limitations.

We have to start believing that we have the power to change it according to our will – at certain point of our development it comes naturally.

Just like our perception of reality, seeing not only with the eyes. Mindfulness is the key ….

We are limitless source of creation, every life form, human body included, is an energetic pattern of all the atoms, elements, levels, dimensions – everything that makes the Universe.

The Flower of Life comprises all the mathematical formulas, every law of physics, musical harmony and every biological form. Meditation with Hybrid connects us with this field and vibration of the Universe.

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Dimensions 48 × 68 cm