‘Kogi- Galactic Ambassador Of Parallel Dimensions’ Wall-Hanging


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Kogi It’s a Wall-Hanging(print o canvas)which is a limited edition copy of my Original Painting.

It’s 68 cm wide and 48 cm high

He came with a message so I m sharing it with You;

Kogi’s message

The Guardian. By his side you can strongly connect with your true Home/ Family/ Tribe.

He awakens the feeling of togetherness, unity. He reminds us that we are here to bring harmony to the Earth, to become Guardians of the Earth once again – to awaken our power , take action using our wisdom and deep understanding from the bottom of our hearts, and share all of these rewards with the world , the Universe – without end .

When Kogi with a deep inner song which wakes up the memory and brings along deep purification and healing. Let this Energy lead you.

Open your throat, hear your voice and feel what message he has for you, what message you have for yourself. Your soul is speaking to you Return Home **

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Dimensions 68 × 48 cm