‘MU – Galactic Ambassadors Of Parallel Dimensions’ Wall-Hanging


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Mu it’s a Wall-Hanging (print on canvas)is one of the ‘Galactic Ambassadors of parallel dimensions’. This Wall-Hanging is a limited edition print of my original Art work:)

It’s 48 cm wide and 68 cm high.

Mu came to me with a message so I m sharing it with you <3

Mu supports beings who find it difficult to communicate with others , express their emotions , or they just keep flooding their emotions with words. When contacting MU – they will be able to silence down, hear their own inner voice, their intuition which they should follow. Feeling – not thinking, looking into the eyes as a form of communication and getting close to one another – staying close in truth and empathy – is the quality being brought by MU. When we look into the eyes of another being – we melt, we let go, our body becomes transparent, diffuses and disappears. A space for something new emerges …… Mu heals through breathing, meditation, sacred geometry and blue stones

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Dimensions 48 × 68 cm