‘One Heart’ Original Acrylic Paintings By Nel Bliss


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These paintings have been taking me through a deep healing journey over the last one year.
It is One Heart, one Soul -sacred connection, a Sacred Mirror..
Full of Mystery. Words can’t really describe my own experience from this whole process.
I know that these two paintings can be only sold Together and share their own Mystery as One

This vision came from the deepest depth of my Soul heart.
If they will find their home, they will support me with moving into the most sacred land where my soul will continue its pilgrimage. The Anglesey
Trusting the magic of life.

These paintings are painted on stretched canvas 50cm/50cm wide/high,3cm deep.

Both are unframed and painted with acrylics

Inspired by the most sweet and sacred -Path of Pollen.

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Dimensions 50 × 50 cm