‘Sun’ Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board


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Hey Brothers & Sisters!

Here is my latest Painting called ‘Sun’, the Sun God, with his fire energy🙏🔥🙏

There is always a lot of synchronicity between what I am channelling to paint and what’s happening on a wider picture here on our Planet, they are so many fires all around the world.

So my prayers are The balance, praying for the harmony within and outside, so we can all live a safe life with all our brothers and sisters and all our Relations. That’s my intention🙏So this Painting is holding the power of inner strength, inner wisdom, stillness, transforming fire, life & death, being humble, being open to listen, to learn. 🙏

This Painting is acrylic, 42cm wide by 60cm high on canvas board (not framed).

Created in a pure state of mind, in meditation and with gratitude to Mitakuye Oyasin.

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Dimensions 42 × 60 cm