‘The Clown & The Scared Mirrors’ Original Painting By Nel Bliss


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This original painting is 50cm wide x 60cm high, painted with acrylic paints on canvas.

This painting comes unframed, as a painting stretched on canvas (1.5cm wide)

This painting was all about reclaiming my dreams, going back to the very essence of my being, where I could feel all my dreams, my desires, weaved with infinite possibilities of making them come true in thus reality.

The key is the heart. From that space when we are truly following the voice of our hearts everything starts to be possible.

So we can nourish our inner garden, make it grow beautifully for our highest God & the highest good of all living beings. I hope that painting will offer you all the keys you need to expand on your sacred path. With Love, Joy and bliss.

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With Love

Nel Bliss

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Dimensions 50 × 60 cm