‘Thuid’ Original Acrylic Painting by Nel Bliss


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Thuid is one of the most precious painting I have channelled over the years.The Devotion, our Devotion to the life Mystery, where the Heart, Womb and wisdom is our Guide. That’s where my home is.

Bowing to the one who’s Devotion is to unite the tribes in Love & compassion, where everyone is equal and the same importance.

Where Respect,honoring and simplicity is our everyday Prayer to the Sun rising.

It is beyond words, the Path we are intuitively choosing, our Soul is choosing because our Soul knows ..far beyond ego, she knows and she follows the Great Mystery.

This painting comes framed in a simple wooden frame but I can change the frame if you will wish it to be a different style one.

It is an acrylic original painting on wooden board.

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Dimensions 60 × 40 cm