‘Trust’ Acrylic Painting On A Deep Edge Canvas


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Hello Brothers and Sisters,

This Painting called Trust is my latest Painting I was working on over the last year and I have finished it in this October 2018 Full Moon.

This Title came to me in a energy as I was working a lot with the trust energy, trusting the Divinity, being like a River Water..
Trusting the Great Spirit highest plan..it was a journey, a deep process where I was working with my fears ..but also I have discovered even more that They are so many realms surrounding me…a Great Reminder..so I came from this journey stronger. More humble. More open.

This is what I wanted to share with you All. When I am Painting.

I deeply feel that I am channelling some collective visions with a deep Guidance of my Spirit Guides, Four Elements, Star Nations. Am working also a lot with the Sacred feminine and the Sacred Masculine.

This Painting is an acrylic Painting. Painted on a deep edge canvas and is 100x100cm.

Created with Love and deep Gratitude In Lakesh

Nel Kuc

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Dimensions 100 × 100 cm